Thank you, Cory Monteith, for all you’ve inspired us to do.

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160,915 plays // Download?

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I would like to take a moment to remember Cory Monteith.

He came from a horrible background and got cast in a world-famous television show that has undoubtedly had an impact on many, many people. He himself has had his own kind of impact, being humble and kind and just overall an amazing person. He checked himself into rehab.

This is an insanely horrible tragedy and I’m typing in tears but there is no way in hell I’m forgetting Cory any time soon, if ever at all. I’m definitely sending my love to his family, Lea, the rest of the cast, and his friends.

We love you, Cory. You were regarded as family to the cast and all your fans. Rest in peace.

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Wow. I just really have no words for this. I know I haven’t been very active in a long time, but reading that news was the last thing I had expected today. Cory, you will be missed, and no one’s going to forget all the good you did for yourself and for the rest of us. 


Here’s a new song from Darren called Any of Those Things. Amazing song!

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That was sweet perfection AND NOW IM MEETING HIM DHDGBIHVFHM


Darren Criss: Sorry had to have some fun first. Q&A about to start.  Tweet Q’s with #darrencrisslistenup 

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OMFG I CANT EVEN #darrencriss #listenuptour #icanteven #holycrap (at The Fillmore)


OMFG I CANT EVEN #darrencriss #listenuptour #icanteven #holycrap (at The Fillmore)

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Darren just walked past us omg wut

We’re playing a lot of new songs, and it is a sort of venture into new territory for people who may or may not know my music [and] people who know me pre-‘Glee’ or pre-StarKid There’s a lot of music that I had that I may or may not play on the tour. It’s more of an experiment. I’ve been working on a solo album for basically 26 years. It’s been changing throughout my life, depending on where I’m at personally, as it should, I guess.

Instead of trying to make these calculated decisions of what people are going to like, what they’re not going to like and what they’re responding to, I was like, ‘Let’s just go on the road.’ It’s really a chance to test out that material; if something doesn’t work, it’ll be instantly noticeable.

Darren Criss Trying Out ‘26 Years’ Worth Of Music On Listen Up Tour. (

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Hi lovers, friends, and gleeks! 

Today was a super special day because I got to head down to check our Darren Criss’s tour situation just hours before he heads out on the Listen Up tour. We had the best time ever, and I even got into some trouble with him. I decided to have a band play off with me vs Criss on some of the tour instruments. 

I hope you enjoy all the photos. My favorite thing about Darren is that he is not afraid to just be a total theatre nerd. He is so passionate about what he does. it’s super adorable! 


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coreylubo: Leaving LA. A whole lotta people on this bus.

coreylubo: Leaving LA. A whole lotta people on this bus.

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I’m seeing Darren live today

I’m MEETING him today

oh my god sorry but wow so surreal I’ve been wanting this for years and the day is finally here ahhh 

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