AfterElton Attends “The Hollywood Reporter“‘s Oscar Party and Meets Darren Criss


First, Darren Criss, who was in attendance to meet a buddy and not to talk to the press. I approached the Glee Warbler as he gabbed with a couple ingenues and enticed him with a startling fact: In AfterElton’s recent poll of Favorite TV Characters (Ever), Criss’ role of Blaine Anderson scored very, very well. Without giving anything away, it’s a ranking he should be damn excited about.

“That’s insane,” Criss told me, stumbling on his words. “Those people aren’t watching enough TV. The scope of TV is so huge. It goes back way too far. This makes no sense. But it’s very flattering and an honor.”

I told him I wasn’t all that surprised since AfterElton’s guild of homosexuals makes no secret of digging him. 

“And I dig the homosexuals,” he purred.


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